Regarding the commercial sales of Doğan Group and DK Group, addressing wide targets, we serve SMEs via Direct Media Sales method.

Furthermore, service an consultancyis carried out in our Corporate Marketing and Media Planning departments on all mediums taking place in the media.

DMS (Direct Media Sales)

Our DMS department, providing direct services to advertisers wishing to be located seperately in various media, mainly in Turkey’s leading newspapers such as Hürriyet, Posta, Milliyet, Vatan, Radikal and Fanatik, assists firms to achieve correct results by using their budgets effectively.

Through Direct Media Salesa method, it is aimed to increase especially SME’s habit to advertise, ensuring their products and services are economically presented and an opportunity for their growth is provided. By clear pricing and reporting model, the task of a safe bridge between advertiser-media has been taken on.

Our team, meeting more than 5000 firms face to face in a year, brings together almost 600 firms with various media.

Media Planning and Purchasing

Daily planning and purchasing servicies starting from strategic planning services are provided to customers who are at the transition stage from individual purchasing to effective media planning.

Product and services introduction and more importantly intensive advertising in order to reach communication targets sometimes are not enough. To prepare a plan and establish a budget which will enable to determine which media will be used, how and at what proportion is more crutial.

Our company, having expertise in the field of MPSA and by making use of the sectorial reports like TIAK, BIAK, RIAK and TGI is establishing effective planning and purchasing procedures.this evaluation of the feedback, customer satisfaction and accesibility data enables to develop even more effective working standarts.

Strategical Consultancy

To purchase a place in the media for advertising is the last step in promotional activities. A lot of work which needs to be done before reaching this point is becoming a real burden especially for those companies which does not have an adequate marketing department. To find an advertising agency to do the creative work, to produce an advertisement, to sign contracts with marketing communication agencies in order to obtain new support from the media and more importantly correct positioning of the brand needs serious manpower.

In order to provide solutions to numerous companies’ time and resource problems in marketing, our firm has started to render strategical consultancy services to our customers since 2011. Within the scope of these services, evaluation of the market researches and offering alternative advertising agencies, market communication agencies and production companies help customers to utilize their budget more effectively.

Other Group Activities


Reaching a big group of readers and becoming a liked newspaper of the public since her first publishing in 2002, ŞOK is different in every aspect. Staying away from the complexities of the daily agenda of other newspapers, ŞOK has become a preferred newspaper shocking her readers like her name by carrying news missed by common daily media.

ONLINE PUBLISHING Strating from 28 November 2005, has taken many steps forward with her elite personnel and become a popular media for sports lovers. has taken a position now in online publishing sector by closing the gap between herself and the likes.

It will continue with its “correct and serious news” principle to take even a stronger position in the sports media. The website Şok newspaper has created to share her effective and shocking contents in the internet is increasing her followers everyday in the magazine and health fields.