ABC Media services as a department within the group that has begun to provide services especially to SME’s on media sales since 2000, has started providing consultancy to firms from all sectors on media purchase and strategic planning with its expert specialist staff and know-how.

In 2001 our company, taking on the direct sales of Sabah Publishing Group apart from its own medium, has created a first in newspaper and magazine ad/commercial marketing with the “door-to-door” marketing motto and has filled an important gap and began serving the market.

Since 2005, considering the developing economy and customer demands, Doğan Media Group, appealing to %65 of newspaper readers has taken the place of Sabah Group.

Incorporating the department structure by the end of 2007, ABC Media Services has initiated spreading its services to all mediums, mainly to TV, and stil continued working with newspapers to whom it provides direct sales.

Having worked with over 3000 firms until today, our company serves advertisers on three different levels being DMS, MPSA and Strategic Consultancy.