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Our company was established in 1975 by Mr. Mustafa Küçük and commenced work as a photography and news agency. Acting as the Turkish representative of the world’s leading photography news agencies, ABC Media has also served abroad the period’s most striking photographs.....



ofisim istanbul ofisim istanbul

The Özyapı Group joint entrepreneurial enterprise formed by Iller Bankasi, Ozkartallar and Construction Investment is targeting investors and businessman profiles who are different real-estate seekers byu offering every type of luxurious, social and functional facilities (r...>>

arm hammer arm hammer

Everyone's dream is to have white teeth!

There's nothing that we haven't tried for this. Salt, carbonate, cures with olive oil and lemon, and many more were always on our teeth. They say that the elder know best but when it comes to dental health it is best to l...>>

mxn construction mxn construction

The MXN suite raised by MXN Construction near the Kayışdağı Yeditepe Universtiy is offering prestigous living area especially for students. Common study rooms, sports facilities, TV rooms and fitness center services take place in the Project.

Placed neighboring...>>